(copy game ) MIG Switch, UnlockSwitch, MIG DIY: MIG V2 confirmed, and more clones surface (but we’ve yet to see them on retail)

Confirming our insider info from last week, MIG Switch have announced their V2 piracy flashcart will indeed ship with a button to cycle through games without having to reinsert the cartridge constantly. MIG Switch team have announced that V1 is automatically discontinued, and clarified that if you have a V1 preorder, you might receive a V2 instead (you might still be getting a V1 before that stock entirely runs out).

In the meantime, we’re getting more promotional material from UnlockSwitch, but still no release. I love to trash talk MIG Switch’s terrible launch (some people who preordered in January still haven’t received their product), but truth be told, their competitors aren’t well positioned to say anything: UnlockSwitch in particular have been sharing constant updates about their upcoming product, but we’re reaching a point where the childish marketing attacks on their competitor (who have an actual product, currently being sold on retail, and proven to be the real deal) are wearing thin.

OK, we get it, UnlockSwitch shared some new 3D renders of their flashcart recently. That’s great I guess, but sell the damn thing already?

Adding to the mix, a third competitor, named MIG DIY, appeared on Twitter. That model apparently doesn’t have a button per se, but a touch control (which looks pretty neat, I have to say) in order to switch (no pun intended) between your games. That’s pretty nice, but again, we’ll have to wait and see if the product’s real, if and when it hits the market.


Until one of these clones actually disrupts the market with an actual product, widely available on modding shops, MIG Switch reigns supreme with their solution. I’ll have to add the obligatory disclaimer though, that none of these products is perfect (even the real ones), and if you’re planning on buying one of these (rather than hacking your Switch, which is the solution I’d recommend), tread lightly, and understand what you’re buying and from who you’re buying it.

That’s it really for the new on these flashcarts this week, but if you need to get caught up, here’s a short summary of what these flashcarts do and what happened so far:

MIG Switch vs UnlockSwitch – the story so far

MIG Switch is a Flashcart device for the Nintendo Switch, that essentially allows you to load pirated games on an SD card, and play them on any Nintendo Switch. The device comes with significant limitations (including a risk of getting one’s console banned) but some on the scene consider it a viable alternative to hacking your Switch. (Again, a vastly superior – also much cheaper – option in my opinion since it gives you homebrew and Custom Firmware, but on most Switch consoles nowadays this requires soldering).

UnlockSwitch is a rumored clone of the MG Switch, yet to be released. The UnlockSwitch is planned to sell for $29.90 (formerly announced for $39), significantly undercutting the MIG Switch (which costs between $60 and $100 depending on the retailer).

There’s been an ongoing “marketing battle” between the two manufacturers, with MIG Switch accusing the (yet to be released) UnlockSwitch of being a scam, and UnlockSwitch replying with more price discounts and features announcements.

It is worth emphasizing that UnlockSwitch, as of this writing, hasn’t yet hit retail and could still very much be an elaborate prank. This isn’t to say that MIG Switch is a perfect product, quite the contrary. Setting aside the limited usefulness of the device to being with (it is limited to piracy and doesn’t enable any homebrew or customization on the console), the MIG Switch release has been crippled with delays, bait & switch issues (whether from MIG Switch themselves of from retailers), and more. Some people are just receiving now MIG Switch carts they ordered in January. Other customers simply never received theirs.

To give the MIG Switch team credit, their product works as advertised, and those who ended up receiving it are generally satisfied with what it gives them.

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