(chep game ) PS Vita Releases: Fallout CE 1.1.0, Fallout 2 CE 1.3.0, and Heroes of Might & Magic 2 v1.1.0 by Northfear

Developer Northfear has specialized in vita ports of quality open source recreations of popular games. If you grew up playing games in the 90’s (or if you just want to experience some awesome games from that era, directly on your PS Vita), you’ll want to follow this developer closely for any update or new release.

Today we’re blessed with some updated for fheroes2 (Heroes of Might and Magic 2), as well as Fallout 1 CE and Fallout 2 CE. These three projects are all recreations of theirs 3 respective games, designed to run on modern hardware/operating systems. Northfear has been relentlessly porting these projects (and in these case, the updates) to PS Vita.

Fallout 1 CE and Fallout 2 CE for PS Vita

Fallout Community Edition, and Fallout 2 Community Edition are fully working re-implementations of Fallout and Fallout 2, with the same original gameplay, engine bugfixes, and some quality of life improvements, that works (mostly) hassle-free on multiple platforms. They run on a variety of platforms, with releases for Windows, Linux, Mac, or Android, and, in this case, the PS Vita.

You need original copies of the games in order to run the PS Vita ports. I recommend to buy the Fallout Classic collection which includes Fallout 1 and 2. (Note: this is an affiliate link to Humble bundle. You don’t pay anything extra if you purchase from that link, but I might get a tiny commission on the sale. Purchases on Humble bundle also contribute to a charity of your choice)

Fallout CE 1.1.0-vita.4 –  What’s new

  • – Fixed random crash on movie/dialog skip
  • – Fixed rear touchpad controls

Fallout 2 CE 1.3.0-vita.8 – What’s new

  • – Fixed random crash on movie/dialog skip

Fallout and Fallout 2 PlayStation Vita Downloads

You can download the Vita files here:

Fheroes2 for PS Vita

From the readme:

Free Heroes of Might and Magic II (fheroes2) is a recreation of HoMM2 game engine.

This open source multiplatform project, written from scratch, is designed to reproduce the original game with significant improvements in the gameplay, graphics and logic (including support for high-resolution graphics, improved AI, numerous fixes and UI improvements), breathing new life into one of the most addictive turn-based strategies.

Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars is a turn-based strategy video game developed by Jon Van Caneghem through New World Computing and published in 1996 by the 3DO Company. The game is the second installment of the Heroes of Might and Magic series and is typically credited as the breakout game for the series. Heroes II was voted the sixth-best PC game of all time by PC Gamer in May 1997. An expansion pack, The Price of Loyalty, was released in 1997. Later, 3DO bundled Heroes II and its expansion pack in one box, released as Heroes of Might and Magic II Gold in 1998.

This Vita port by Northfear is part of the official github.

What’s new in fheroes 2 1.1.0:

  • – properly connect Streams and Deltas while placing Streams
  • – do not allow placing Ultimate Artifact on non-diggable terrain in Editor
  • – use golden color to highlight cells that are sometimes possible to edit
  • – set the last edited map file as default for the new Standard game
  • – allow picking-up the Magic Book artifact from the Adventure Map
  • – show a warning message for no modification of normal artifacts
  • – show a warning message that streams and roads cannot be placed on water
  • – fix Editor interface items positions when Hide Interface mode is enabled in the engine
  • – speed up object erasure in the Editor
  • – allow only English to be used for text input within the Editor
  • – add a general text for action objects with no metadata
  • – display object coordinates in the right mouse click popup window
  • – implement Event details window in the Editor
  • – add generated buttons for map file dialog
  • – make Editor panel buttons change good/evil interface
  • – fix std::string serialization
  • – implement base functions of Map Specifications dialog for the Editor
  • – update the Swedish translation
  • – add UI window to edit Sphinx properties
  • – change a message while trying to get another Magic Book

Download fheroes 2 on PS Vita

You can download the files here. Check the readme for details on installation

Source: VitaDB

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