[3DS Scene] ThirdTube v0.5.3 released

Published a new update for ThirdTube , the most valid alternative to YouTube for 3DS consoles which aims to replace the official application which was removed from the store on September 3rd 2019.


This new update only fixes video playback that seems to get interrupted at some point.


  • 360p video playback.
    • 480p may be possible and may be considered in future development.
  • Support for livestreams and preview videos.
  • Research.
  • Video tip.
  • Comments.
  • Captions.
  • Local watch history and channel subscription.
  • No advertising.


Note: Since this app web-scrapes YouTube, it’s more like “Ads are not implemented” rather than “We have ad blocking functionality.”



  • Button     Go back to the previous scene.
  •  e   –  Scroll up and down.
  •  –  Switch between tabs.
  •  +    Blanks the bottom screen.
  • In the video player:
    •  e   –  Scroll 10 seconds forward or backward.

The following are for debugging purposes:

  •   Toggle debug logging on/off.
  •    Enable/Disable memory usage monitoring.
  •     Turns the FPS monitor on/off.


  • New 3DS (including New 2DS) with Luma3DS installed and DSP1 running.
  • Minimum system version not tested, but at least 8.1.0-0 is required.


  • This is a minor release that fixes broken video playback.

Note: This new version can be updated directly from the app from Settings-> Update. If you see a message that the app is already up to date, try restarting the app .

Download:  ThirdTube v0.5.3 [3DSX]

Download:  ThirdTube v0.5.3 [CIA]

Download:  Source code ThirdTube v0.5.3

Source:  gbatemp.net