[PS Vita scene] Chovy-sign v2.0 released

The developer SilicaAndPina publishes the very first stable version of Chovy-sign , the application allows us to “sign” the PSP and PSX ISOs to be able to run them on unmodified PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV consoles .


The application might seem almost useless given the ability to install and run Henkaku on the latest console firmware, although it still proves to be a viable alternative to Adrenaline .


In order to use this tool you still need to have a valid and official license for PSP or PS1, just get one of the following titles.

  • Petz Saddle Club .
  • Loco Roco Midnight Carnival .
  • Bee Quest™ Starter Pack .

One of these three titles could also be free. If not, a PSP DLC license can also be used.


Console not compromised


Note: If the game you are using to do it with other games besides PETZ SADDLE CLUB , LOCOROCO MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL or APE QUEST STARTER PACK ; you will be limited to the same type of game that you are licensed for, for example a PS1 game will only be usable to create a PS1 game and a PSP game will only be usable to create a PSP game (this is different if you chooses to use the henkaku method).


  • Copy the game to your PC using the Content Manager.
  • Open chovy-sign2 and click the “Get Keys” button.
  • If you are using “APE QUEST, LOCEROCO MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL or PETZ SADDLE CLUB, and you intend to create a game for PS1 click on “KEYS.TXT Method”.
  • Select “EBOOT.PBP Method”.
  • Click on the game (note: there may be some problems if you try it while you have the DLC for the game installed…).
  • You should see the REF and KEY fields populated and you’re good to go!

Console compromised


Note: You can still use the “Console Not Compromised” method if you wish (for example if you only want to make PSP games or are using PETZ SADDLE CLUB, LOCEROCO MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL or APE QUEST STARTER PACK ).



Note²: Bubbles created using the “Hacked Console” method will still work on any non-hacked console, using the same PSN account; however it takes a lifetime to get some of the files required for this method; the main benefit of doing it this way is that you can use any PSP license to make bubbles for both PS1 and PSP.



  • Your own ConsoleID/IDPS, Yoti has a tool to download this available here .
  • The console activation data file (located in tm0:/npdrm/act.dat).
  • Any PSP/PS1 license file for your account (either located on ux0:/pspemu/PSP/LICENSE/*.rifor ux0:/bgdl/t/XXXXXX/temp.datif you have a pending download).


  • Open the CHOVY-SIGN2 application.
  • Under PlayStation Portable click Get Keys.
  • Click on “IDPS+RIF+ACT Method”.
  • Enter the IDPS value in the IDPS / ConsoleID field; in hexadecimal (if you used the developer tool Yoti, the value is in ux0:/data/idps.txt).
  • Browse for the file act.datand the ref file and click Generate Keys, this will populate the key and ref field.
  • Now do the same for the PlayStation 1 option, using the same license and activation file.


  • Completely rewritten the entire program.
  • Added support for PS1 titles.
  • Added key generation from ref using act.datand idps.
  • Also made a command line version.

Download: Chovy-sign v2.0 (CLI)

Download: Chovy-sign v2.0 (GUI)

Download: Source code Chovy-sign v2.0

Source: twitter.com